Hello there Friend! I am so glad you're here! Welcome to my cozy little corner of the web. My super short intro is I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Wichita, Kansas and available for travel! If you want the longer version, click the arrows to the side of my picture to learn more! 

  walked into the kitchen as a 16-year-old on a normal May afternoon and picked up a piece of paper which read, “If your name is Christina Hastings, you need to go on a scavenger hunt.” I followed a set of clues all over until I ended up finding a camera bag under my bed with a starter DSLR camera inside! I was shocked. I profusely thanked my parents, but they told me they didn’t give me the camera. “Who gave it then?” I wondered for about a year until I finally discovered that my 20-year-old brother Paul had secretly purchased it by working odd jobs because he knew it was my dream to be a photographer. I can’t thank him enough for investing in his little sister’s dream.



     ur love story is an unlikely one but it's my favorite. Turned him down the first time he expressed interest. Said "ok we can try this" the second time he expressed interest three years later. Broke up after a few months. Then by a miracle from the Lord, we got back together a year and half later, and another year and half later we finally said "I do" at the altar. But with all the ups and downs of our relationship to get to marriage, I think it made our marriage stronger and our love deeper. I have the most persistent and consistent husband I could imagine. Peter is everything I never knew I needed and far beyond what I could ever deserve. He is generous, humble, patient, a servant-leader. He's a skilled photographer, and my favorite second shooter at weddings. Grateful to walk through life with him!



I Love

* PEOPLE. I looove people! Maybe that’s why I enjoy being at weddings so much because they are teeming with happy people!  
* STORIES. Each of us is made up of real-life stories that have shaped us into who we are today. As a storyteller, it's my delight to learn, capture, and share  stories. I would love to hear yours!
* KINDNESS. I think every person should be treated with kindness.
* STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIES. I drink them often in warm weather.
* RUNNING. Ok, well to be more accurate I love the feeling I get AFTER I’ve run—not so much the feeling during.
* YELLOW. My favorite color because it's just so happy.


   touched her 12-year-old eyes with my 12-year old fingers. To some she was just an image on a page of a Christmas gift catalog mailed by a ministry asking for donations to help their work in other countries. But to me she was a real little girl with feelings and desires just like little me. When I developed a serious interest in photography a few years later, I knew I wanted to use my skills to tell meaningful stories that would help create awareness, shatter apathy, and instill compassion for causes that matter. Photography can be so much more than simply pretty images-it's a powerful storytelling medium. I'm thankful for the opportunities I've had to photograph for non-profits in Africa, Asia, and North America.


Little known facts

* At age 5, I told my grandma I wanted to be a robot. I still think robots are cool, but I’ve moved on from wanting to actually be one.
* At age 8, I told a friend I wanted to be a daredevil. My first stunt was to cross her walk-in closet by swinging on her clothes' bar. On my first swing, the bar tumbled down and left a big knot on my head. Thus ended my days as a daredevil.
* At age 10, I wanted to be an ice cream taster after I read about one. Later I found out that he spit out the ice cream to avoid packing calories whereupon that aspiration lost its appeal to me.
* I have an Associates Degree in Physics and a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, but now I’m a photographer. Go figure...

Random Facts

At The Core

    t the core of who I am is a story about Someone else. He lived a perfect life, died in my place, came back to life three days later, and now reigns in Heaven. His name is Jesus. Because of Him, I am Redeemed. Forgiven. Saved. Loved. Chosen. And I’ll never be the same because of what He has done. The deeper purpose behind everything I do stems from a desire to glorify Him with my life.


"To love would be an awfully big adventure."

~Peter Pan

Let's make sure we're a great fit for each other! Shoot me a message below to get things started, and tell me about yourselves and your wedding! I’d love to answer any questions you might have! 

Think of this as a super fun outing with your fiancé while we all get to know each other better. I'll teach you natural posing so wedding day photos are a cinch. Plus you get lots of cute photos for invites and decor! 

Think of this as a super fun outing with your fiancé while we all get to know each other better. I'll teach you natural posing so wedding day photos are a cinch. Plus you get lots of cute photos for invites and decor!

1. Let's Talk

2. Engagement Shoot

Your Big Day is here! I want to be the biggest blessing I can be! I'll do everything I can to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible. I want you to relax and soak in the magic of the day and not be worried at all about the photography. I've got you covered!

Prepare for much oohing and aahing! Your online gallery of hundreds and hundreds of edited photographs will be up within 45-50 days of the wedding! You'll receive some sneak peaks before then to tide you over in the meantime.

You pick which photos you'd like in your Legacy Album(s), then I'll design the album, send a digital version of the design for you to approve, and you'll receive the Legacy Album a few weeks later to grace your coffee table for years!

3. Pre-Wedding

4. Wedding Day

5. Post-wedding

6. Legacy Album

I’ll send a questionnaire to glean wedding day info including a list of who you’d like photos with and the wedding day timeline. I'm here to help if you have any questions while planning!

I’ll send a questionnaire to glean wedding day info including a list of who you’d like photos with and the wedding day timeline. I'm here to help if you have any questions while planning!

The Experience

Lindsay + Ian


"The quality, color & clarity of Christina's photos blew me away. She had so much energy & stood in the POURING rain with an umbrella to get the shots that I wanted. What a trooper! Family, friends, guests & other vendors literally walked out of our wedding & commented on how incredible Christina was & that she seemed like part of the family. They asked if we had known each other as friends before the wedding - I wish that was the case! How many brides walk away from their wedding day wishing their photographer was their friend? As a photographer, I hope to learn from her talent. As a bride, I could NOT have chosen a better photographer. As a person, I believe she is going to do incredible things in this world! She's AMAZING!"

Jenna + Jacob

"Our wedding photos look like a storybook!" 

"I am thrilled to give my highest recommendation for Christina Hastings as a wedding photographer! We hired Christina to capture our engagement and wedding day photos and, my goodness, the result blew us away! If you're looking for a photographer who can create whimsical, timeless, and refreshingly unique pictures, Christina will meet and exceed your expectations! Christina is naturally talented. She just has 'an eye' for great photos and angles, and her work expresses a fresh and inviting feel every time. We felt so natural around her that we almost forgot all our special moments were being captured on camera! Our wedding photos look like a storybook! Nearly a year later, people are still in awe of our "magazine quality" pictures. I think we will still be talking about her when we share our photos with our grandchildren."

Jordan + Rob

"we couldn't have been in better hands."

"Christina is a joy to work with - a wonderful person and an incredible photographer with a great sense of light, space, and occasion. Right from the start, she listened to and understood our vision. It took a lot for me, an amateur photographer with particular interest in capturing natural light, to let someone else be in charge of something so important to me. But we couldn't have been in better hands. Additionally, she had such patience with my fiance, who is notoriously shy when he doesn't feel comfortable around someone. But about five minutes into our engagement shoot, she put him at ease. We ended up having so much fun. If you're looking for a great storyteller and a person naturally inspired by her surroundings, look no further than Christina."

Amanda + Joe


"Christina was THE BEST photographer for our wedding! My husband and I are absolutely thrilled with the photographs from the wedding and can't believe how beautiful, perfect, and just incredible the pictures turned out. Christina is a joy and definitely worth every cent! I asked her to come all the way from Texas to Illinois to be my photographer because I just knew that she was the only person that would do the kind of job I was looking for! I have NO regrets! If you are looking for someone who will make your wedding photos look unique, beautiful, and stellar and want a photographer that is willing to do anything to get just the right position for the photos to turn out then Christina is your gal! She's AMAZING!"

Kayla + Kevin

"I couldn't believe the beauty in the photos!" 

"I am so glad I found Christina! I think it's important to find a photographer who makes you comfortable. I, for one, am not real comfortable being in front of a camera. I get awkward. But, Christina made me feel so comfortable and most of the time I didn't even notice she was taking photos. She is so friendly and warm! Always had a smile on her face and was full of energy! She listened to what my husband and I wanted in our photos and came up with some great shots for our wedding! She, along with her second shooter, were so professional that we didn't even notice her there taking pictures during the ceremony and yet the photos are beyond fantastic! I couldn't believe the beauty in the photos! I highly recommend her. You will be more than pleased with Christina!"

Megan + Jason

"I CAnnot Recommend Christina Enough." 

"Christina was absolutely AMAZING. We are beyond ecstatic with our wedding pictures. She had the best ideas and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Even people that weren't in the wedding party were coming up to us telling us how creative and great our photographer was! I cannot recommend Christina enough."

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